COVID-19 Update For Our Patients

Hello from Dr. Burke and Team. You can’t escape it: the airwaves, printed news and Social Media is full of coverage about the ‘Coronavirus’ (COVID-19). Although the actual number of cases worldwide is relatively small, especially compared to other cases of flu viruses, Coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic (worldwide). There have been at least 8 other pandemics since 1900, but none with this degree of media coverage. Consequently, people have a lot of questions and concerns.

How does going to a dental appointment factor into the Coronavirus situation? I’ll keep it brief.

A dental office is probably one of the safest places I can think of Everything is sterilized. Countertops and other environmental surfaces are doused in disinfectants between every visit.

Unlike medical offices and hospitals, Private dental offices like ours don’t have a waiting room full of sick people. We don’t see people with active, communicable infections anyways. Most important, we are very skilled at preventing spread of viruses more contagious and more dangerous than COVID-19, such has HIV, and Hepatitis A, B, and C. We are all trained in infection control and work every day, as we have been doing long before anyone heard of Corona virus, to conscientiously maintain a safe infection-free environment.

Certainly, if you have symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has or might have and Corona virus, please delay your visit until you are cleared. We will be following the same practices.

But otherwise, come on in. We have always taken every precaution and measure to keep our patients safe. Maintain proper nutrition and rest. Wash your hands frequently. You may even want to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer for when you are out in public and need to touch common surfaces such has gas pumps and door handles.

Above all…do not panic. Live your life with joy.

Your dental care team at Advanced Dental Solutions.

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